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“Intelligens” is the title of 19th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia (2025) curated by Carlo. Read here


Atlas of the Senseable City, Carlo Ratti's new book, tackles how the growth of digital mapping, is affecting cities and daily life.




LES JARDINS DU JAZZ The Jardins du Jazz are at the center of our proposed intervention for the EPFL. Your walk through the gardens becomes a magical promenade through invisible orchestras, as well as through an ephemeral architecture of sound that permeates the entire space. Each corner of the garden has its own musical flavor, a spatial classification of the different genres and styles found in the archives of the Montreux Jazz Festival.


LES PAVILLONS-PALISSADE The new buildings face a daunting task, as they must confront several masterpieces of contemporary architecture; SANAA’s Rolex Center and Dominique Perrault’s new building (under construction) both overlook the project site. Hence we decided to be as unobtrusive as possible, combining all the elements of the functional program into a linear building – a seemingly one-dimensional facade that creates a palisade along the west side of the Jardins.


FIGURES DU PAYSAGE SUISSE The dominant elements of the Swiss landscape – lakes, mountains and palisades – are the key ingredients of the Jardins du Jazz. The building itself is a simple palisade, like those that are used across the country to delineate the Swiss landscape, its pastures and vineyards. In between the new pavilions and the existing Rolex Center is a large expanse of grass where EPFL events, concerts and graduation ceremonies, can take place.


LE LAC DE L’EPFL We propose an elegant blade of water along the west side of the Jardins, next to the Pavillons-Palissade, echoing Lac Leman and keeping the gardens free for different events. A refreshing spot during the summer, and a patinoire throughout the winter.


LA TOUR PERISCOPE EPFL is very close to Lac Lehman, but the lake does not have a strong presence on the campus. The tower, strategically placed at the end of the new boulevard flanking the Rolex Center, will continuously reflect the lake: the convex, mirrored surface of the top floor focuses views of the lake on the ground. Where is the EPFL? From now on, when people ask you that question around Lausanne, you will simply need to point to the Tour Periscope…


LE PANOPTICUM DE RÉALITÉ AUGMENTÉE How to present all the cutting-edge work happening at the EPFL? Beyond the traditional exhibition spaces, we imagined the observatory – a perfect spot to enjoy a 360° view of the EPFL campus, enhanced with digital information. Its augmented reality screens allow visitors to peruse the different activities in each department, the history, the successes and the technological achievements, and even discover unexpected links between EPFL and Montreux.

CREDITS Carlo Ratti, Alberto Bottero (project leader), Antonio Atripaldi, Andrea Cassi, Giovanni de Niederhäusern, Andrea Galanti, Pietro Leoni, Beatrice Nassi, Walter Nicolino, Jennifer Young.   Consultants Structural engineering: Schlaich Bergermann und Partner (team: Mike Schlaich, Boris Reyher).


Sustainability: Buro Happold (team: Giammichele Melis, Paolo Cresci, Serafino Dirosario, Silvia Prandelli, Alistair Meachin, Veronica Ochoa).


Landscape: Agence Ter (team: Olivier Philippe, Emmanuelle Blondeau).


Other consultants:


Continuum Innovation (team: Fabio Di Liberto, Luca Sacchi, Enrico Girotti, Stefano Bianchini, Jonathan Fortunati).


Paolo Fresu, Director of the Berchidda Festival Time In Jazz, Bergamo Jazz and the Jazz Seminars in Nuoro.


Marcello Piras, musicologist.


John Szwed, Professor of Music, Director of the Center for Jazz Studies Columbia University New York.


Luciano Viotto, jazz researcher & discographer.